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The Heart of OutWeGo


Hey there! 👋 I'm Erin, the founder of OutWeGo. I'm here to share a bit of my story and the heart behind OutWeGo.


Growing up, I was constantly the new kid, moving from place to place. Adventure and sports fired me up, but exploring solo left me yearning for a circle to join the journey at my level. Sure, you could find general companions for hiking trails or golf courses, but connecting with people equally passionate and skilled? That was the elusive missing piece.

I'd make temporary adventure partners here and there, but genuine connection remained elusive. That same emptiness lingered into adulthood as my favorite pursuits became bittersweet without a united group to experience them alongside.

Then, the world was thrust into the solitude of the pandemic, highlighting a truth we had long ignored: the pervasive loneliness that existed among us. This period of enforced isolation revealed how crucial human connections are to our mental health, identity, and sense of belonging. It became clear that in our digitally connected world, we were more disconnected than ever. Studies show that loneliness can be as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. In fact, nearly more than half of Americans report sometimes or always feeling lonely. 

Research indicates that people with active lifestyle habits have lower rates of chronic disease, depression and anxiety. This only deepened my conviction; the need for a platform that transcends traditional social networking, one that cultivates wellness, promotes active lifestyles, and connects like-minded individuals through shared interests and values. A space where your passions could be indulged among others operating at that same frequency, fueling your fire rather than extinguishing it through subpar company. I wanted to inspire people to embrace more active, outgoing lifestyles through the power of social motivation and wellness. The concept of OutWeGo was born. 

OutWeGo is that home for the unbound spirit - an invitation to finally break free from solitary adventures and unlock life's richest moments through authentic companionship with those on your level. No more going it alone or settling for lackluster companions when your soul craves exploration WITH its fellow impassioned wanderers. OutWeGo connects you with local adventurers who share your specific interests and skill levels through curated activities and tailored to your passions. The more active you are, the more rewards and benefits you'll receive.

So to all my kindred free spirits out there - those who know life's greatest highs are meant to be shared journeys with the select few who can truly raise the experience: Join me in this impassioned collective. Let's venture out into the vast playgrounds before us, finally experiencing them united in enthusiasm, energy and equanimity.



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