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We're crafting the future of social wellness, turning activities into benefits for a healthier you.

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Our vision is to build the world's most engaging platform for active lifestyles, empowering connections and rewarding wellness for everyone.

Core Values

Hey there! 👋 I'm Erin, the founder of OutWeGo.

Have you ever missed out on the excitement of an adventure because you couldn't find someone who shared your enthusiasm for the outdoors? I’ve experienced this myself. It was tough finding people who not only shared my interests but were also at a similar skill level. This often left me feeling isolated, especially as my motivation for solo adventures diminished without the encouragement of peers.

I realized I wasn’t alone in facing this challenge. Many are eager to lead active lifestyles but find it tough to connect with others who not only share their interests but also their experience levels. This difficulty can drain motivation and limit the possibility of building deeper connections, leading many to engage in their hobbies solo.

This need inspired me to create OutWeGo because I understand how hard it can be to find the right people for your outdoor activities. I launched OutWeGo in late 2023, and it’s remarkable how quickly it has grown! OutWeGo has evolved into a thriving community where individuals find inspiration and support, making it seamless to discover the perfect adventure partners. More than just a platform for meeting fellow enthusiasts, OutWeGo rewards your activities, making every interaction memorable and motivating.

We're rapidly expanding, and I'd love for you to join our community, where every day brings a new adventure!


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